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Delhi Crime 2020-The Original Web Series On [Nirbhaya]Case Watch now



Delhi Crime

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Delhi Crime Official Trailer[Netflix India]


‘Delhi Crime’ web series: Police investigation and media madness.
Richie Mehta’s seven-part thriller web series begins with the Delhi Crime Winter story at 10.30 pm that night. The voiceover of the beginning shows that there is a huge burden of problems on the guardians of the law.

In a city where there are about 11,000 abominable crimes every year, what can the police force do to do more work and spend less money and most of them are put in traffic duty and VIP security?

Delhi Crime-Episode 1 Story…

The first episode sets the mood: it is sharp, heavy and hits hard. On a cold night of December 2012, what else could be a series about the police investigation of the brutal gang-rape of a young woman in a moving bus in Delhi?


The show begins with a search for a battered boy and a severely injured and a girl thrown on the road. Based on the case files, Mehta’s policy process is real with some dramatic and cinematic effect, which leads us to the truth behind the investigation.

When that guy tells about the incident that night, then all you can say is, ‘Don’t get on that bus!’, Yet we are desperate to know every detail to understand the criminal mind. And then when the main suspect presents the story in a rude and foul manner, the eyebrows of the watchers are raised.

Media madness, public outrage, political interference and even opportunism have been shown, but this is not the intent of Delhi’s crime. The toughness is clean and broad, but it is not shown properly. Its focus would be on the police and officers.

There are good actors who play the role of the police. His characters bring a smile to their face, as well as being harsh. It also has some good insights, such as stopping a coworker’s policeman’s offer of a chicken dish and how the school’s old Hindi song gives a little relief.

Delhi Crime Web Series-Episode 2

DCP Vartika Chaturvedi (Shefali Shah), the lead of the investigation, prepares a team to assist in the investigation process. Shah is the anchor of the show. She has a teenage daughter, Yashaswini Dayama, keeping in mind that she does justice to Chaturvedi’s professionalism.

Shah, Chaturvedi’s anger and annoyance as a woman in the male-dominated world are depicted in an effective manner.

In contrast, the newbie Niti Singh (Rasika Dugal). He is the complete opposite of his experienced commanding officer. Rajesh Tailang plays the role of officer Bhupendra Singh, who is Chaturvedi’s second in command officer, with honesty and ease.

Feature In Web Series

Adil Hussain plays the role of the police commissioner and tries to balance the work of police with the game of political power. Denzil Smith plays Vartika’s husband and Vinod Sherawat, Jaya Bhattacharya, Gaurav Rana, Gopal Dutt and Anurag Arora as officers.

Another bad thing is that English dialogues often seem artificial and the performance of many supporting actors, especially those playing the role of a common citizen, is inexperienced and reduces the power of the drama.

However, Mehta has done his responsibility well. Cinematography, music, location, dialect makes this series a series that has a wide, wide and deep impact.

How CCTV Evidence Is Used In Indian Court

The Nirbhaya gang rape case on 6 December 2012 has shocked the entire country including Delhi. A new web series named Delhi Crime has been created, in which the Nirbhaya case is also mentioned.

Former DCP (South Delhi) Chhaya Sharma was investigating this case. Quint talked to him and wanted to know how the Delhi Police could reach the bottom of this ‘blind’ case.

This interview was first published on 12 May 2017. This interview is being published once again on the release of Netflix’s web series ‘Delhi Crime’.