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College Romance-Of 2020[Come Fall In Love With College Romance]



college romance

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College Romance | Web Series | Trailer |

Whether you are at any stage of age, the romance of youth always awakens in any corner of the heart. The selfless attachment of this time is completely different from real and deceitful disguise. But apart from this, some different scenes are shown in different films but they have nothing to do with reality.

Remember, there are ups and downs in every relationship, sometimes circumstances make them monotonous. So before you become part of a romantic story in college, consider a few special things

College Romance | Web Series | S01 E-01

If you and your partner take admission in the same college, then earlier change is now expected to change in you. Now you should give enough time and freedom to your friend or partner so that they can focus on some important things and Some decisions can be taken independently.

College Romance | Web Series | S01 E-02 

Do not be too hasty at the beginning of any new relationship, otherwise, you will be deprived of enjoying college life. Make the right use of your freedom, make new friends, discover some new things.

College Romance | Web Series | S01 E-03

It will not be known how your college days will pass. This is the time to stay away from tension and do something new. So make friends, enjoy college life and find a way to a better future.

College Romance | Web Series | S01 E-04

It often happens that if we make deep friendships with someone during this time, then you ignore other friends or relatives. You slowly get cut off from your friends and friends. In whose future we have to suffer in such a way that none of our friends is ready to help us when needed.

College Romance | Web Series | S01 E-05 Finale

Never friendship to show friends in time pass or college that you also have a girlfriend. Because of immaturity, the foundation of such a relationship is not very strong and it can end very easily without any solid reason.
If you are in a relationship and are not happy with it. If you feel that this relationship is a hindrance to your progress and it makes you feel suffocated, then it is better that you break away from this relationship. Because it will act like a poison in your happy life, you will not have any fun in such a relationship.

If your friendship is with someone from school time and your feelings towards it are right, then try to keep it in future also.

Avoid momentary physical attraction during college because the foundation of such relationships is very weak and it does not take long to ruin. To deepen your previous relationship.
If a dispute situation ever arises, try to resolve it by sitting with your friend.

A lot of rumours are also heard. If ever you hear something upside down, it is not right to break the relationship by saying good and bad or to have a relationship with someone else to make him sad.

It is better to sit with your friend and fix the dignity of your relationship and do not consider other unnecessary things.
Sometimes due to some differences, relationships come to the brink of a breakdown.

In such a situation, do not make haste and understand each other’s feelings and talk to each other. If the differences are worth resolving and they do not have any special effect on the future relationship, then it should try to maintain the relationship by bringing it back to the previous position.

Learn to face the challenges of your life as a college student. Yes, if you find a good partner in the meantime, which will make your way of life a little easier, then it is a good thing, keep it alive but if it is not possible then do not waste your time behind it and work towards your beautiful future.