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Band Baaja Baaraat is a Bollywood romantic comedy film released in 2010, directed by Manish Sharma. Ranveer Singh – Anushka Sharma was seen in the lead role in the film.

Movie Story Band Baaja Baaraat

The story is a love story between young Shruti (Anushka Sharma) and Bittu (Ranveer) studying in different colleges of Delhi University. But in this storied career comes first and love later.

Now this too has started happening in many films, but the special thing in this story is that in this, love does not look like something untoward but looks like a natural event. In most Bollywood films, love is like an untoward. Shruti is an ambitious and confident girl from a middle-class family in Delhi. She is studying at Ramjas College, Delhi.

He knows everything about what to do after completing his studies. She wants to become a wedding planner. In contrast, Bittu, a student of Delhi’s Ramjas College, is quite confused about his career.

He is the son of a farmer from Saharanpur and in no case wants to return to his father’s sugarcane fields. Both do not meet college like typical Bollywood films, but during the struggle to make their career after the end of college.

Bittu tries to hit Haseen Shruti on the line like normal boys but concedes an early defeat to career-oriented Shruti.

He then offers to be a partner in the business with Shruti himself, which Shruti accepts with one condition. Delhi girl Shruti knows how much love and love can hurt her career. So the first and last principle of partnership between the two is formed, not love in business.

Well here with Bollywood’s Tipkala Udaan, Shruti-Bittu’s Shadi’s company Shaadi Mubarak goes well and at the same time, Shruti gets what she feared the most. And then everything completely falls into the masala modalities of Bollywood.
Something happens that makes Shruti feel that she should separate from Bittu. Then Bittu separates and opens his own company and then gradually everything goes well. Overall a healthy and entertaining story that grew up in the Bollywood courtyard.

Band Baaja Baaraat-story 2

‘Yaadon Ki Baaraat’ – which marked the beginning of the season of masala films in Hindi cinema.

This film with plenty of action and great music made Zeenat Aman a star.
In the journey of almost 100 years of Hindi cinema, many such films came which became classics. Not only at the time of release, but also after that such films kept their place in the heart of the audience.

One of such films is the 1973 film Yaadon Ki Baaraat. This film, which is full of action, drama and RD Burman’s best music, is remembered as the first masala film of Hindi cinema.

Produced, directed and partially written by Naseer Hussain, this film makes good use of the famous plot which is lost. The three brothers Shankar (Dharmendra), Vijay (Vijay Arora) and Ratan (Tariq Khan) were separated in childhood when Smuggler Shakal shot their parents.

The three boys thrive in different circumstances but are constantly searching for each other and their parents’ killer. The trio has only one formula to identify each other – the song ‘Yaadon Ki Baaraat’, taught by their parents.

Many times find their way in life while searching for Shakal, but they do not recognize each other. An interesting twist in the story comes when Shakal puts Shankar to work with him, which causes his ruin.

This film has everything that should be in a classic Bollywood film – separated brother, theft, murder, love – love-filled songs, a villain and no logic. Of course, that is why it is called a spice film. But this film is definitely fun.

The film begins with a song and then shows double murders. Then you are introduced to different characters from different colours.

Although the film is broadly predictable, the journey to the end is interesting – despite fat-shaming, a male-dominated mindset, and frivolity (which was quite common at the time).
Apart from being unique, this film proved to be a milestone for Zeenat Aman’s career. Just two years before this, she did the film Hare Krishna Hare Ram, in which she became very famous through her bold character, and she played a different role than showing women in cinema.

After the procession of memories, it was proved that she is going to stay here. The role of Sunita played by him in the film is that of a stubborn, rich and spoiled girl – who is only in the role of a girlfriend – but still an important part of the film.