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Pokemon-[2020]The Complete journey{Exclusive}





Today we talk about Pokemon…


Machida Tokyo 1981 Japanese gamer Satoshi Tajiri

Pokemon-[2020]The Complete journey{Exclusive}

begins writing editing and selling his own series of Arcade gaming magazines known as a game freak.

Over the course of the magazine’s run, several fellow Gamers joint up with Tajiri to contribute.

The chief among them was artist ken Sugimori who became the magazine’s Illustrator.

Pokemon-[2020]The Complete journey{Exclusive}

However, as the years went on Tajiri began to realize that a lot of the current arcade games maybe weren’t the best. So, Tajiri and Sugimori decided that the best course of action will be to take matters into their own hands and make video games themselves and with that, on April 26, 1989, game freaky balls from a fan-made magazine to an official video game development company.

Pokemon Red & Green

A company that developed a decent handful of games Between 1989 and 1994 including the likes of Yoshi for the NES Mario & Wario for the super Famicom and postman for the Sega Megadrive. However, it would not be until November 27th 1996 that game frequency real success with the release of 2 gamesRed and green both for the Nintendo Gameboy.

Inspired by the Tajiri childhood love a bug collecting the game boys link cable technology and squares. The Fantasy Legend Pokemon was a journey to collect and train creature known as pocket Monsters.

Pokemon-[2020]The Complete journey{Exclusive}

Pokemon Fire & Water

As the game begins player is allowed to choose between one of three started a fire type a water type and grass type after choosing their new battle at the player can now explore various terms and environments. Battling capturing levelling up and involving a wide variety of Pokmon with the ultimate goal being to defeat 8 Poke gym leaders stop an evil corporation and Battle your way to becoming the very best.

Now, that was the plot of the game but the real Goal the true and goal of the game were to try and catch all 151 Pokmon

Pokemon-[2020]The Complete journey{Exclusive}

and that’s where the two different versions came in.

Both Red and Green had version exclusive Pokemon. So, in order to complete the game, 100% players would have to link up their Game Boys via link cable were up and they could battle each other and trade Berries amongst themselves.

And it was this collecting and trading mentality on top of the games more accessible and simple take on term based combat that made Pokemon Red and Green massive hits.

Going on to See several special editions re-releases the first of which was a limited run blue version only available through mail order for subscribers of the Japanese Manga magazine.

Pokemon Yellow

Common although it did eventually see a full retail release a couple of years. Later around the same time that saw its second special edition re-releases Pokemon yellow.

Pokemon-[2020]The Complete journey{Exclusive}

This game changed up various story elements of the additive colour model trilogy in order to tie in more to the Pokemon anime which yes, of course, there was an Anime and, it’s still around its kind of like the Simpsons of anime it just never quite seems to die.

Now, where a lot of Game freak’s previous titles were never released outside of Japan the sheer success in its home country quickly wanted a nearly worldwide release.

Pokemon-[2020]The Complete journey{Exclusive}

The North American versions of red blue and for some reasons, not Green being released on September 28, 1998, and yellow following suit on October 1st 1999.

Pokemon-[2020]The Complete journey{Exclusive}

So after only 3 years, It had gone from a developers handheld experiment to an unprecedented worldwide phenomenon with a successful anime series. Manga trading cards and a total of 4 games but when you get down to it Pokemon red green blue and yellow.

were all just different versions of the same base game it would not be until the turn of the century.

Pokemon Gold & Silver

That the series would see its first real sequence in Pokemon gold and silver

Pokemon-[2020]The Complete journey{Exclusive}

released in Japan on November 21st 1999 and in North America on October 15, 2000, gold and silver expanded upon the formula established by their predecessors.

Pokemon Crystal

By introducing 100 New Pokemon.A real-time day and night system a mechanic known as Pokemon breeding. A new rare shiny Pokemon implemented to show off gold and silver compatibility with the game boy colour and just like the games before them, gold and silver were an incredible success selling several million copies in only a few months and receiving an update version exclusive to the game boy colour known as Pokemon crystal.

Pokemon-[2020]The Complete journey{Exclusive}

So, at this point with seven hit games in Japan and 6 North America and Europe, the Pokemon series have both established and solidified itself as Nintendo’s newest blockbusters franchise.

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

A franchise that Nintendo and Game freak were determined to keep going strong releasing a consistent stream of sequels every few years starting with 2003 Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire for the Game Boy Advance followed by Pokemon Diamond and pearl, black and white and black and black and white-2.

All released with a Nintendo DS in 2007, 2011 and 2012 respectively.

Pokemon-[2020]The Complete journey{Exclusive}

All of which brought new batches of original Pokemon except for black and white-2.As well as their own tweaks and new additions to the series formula while keeping true to the core gameplay that made the franchise a success in the first place.

Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire

Ruby and Sapphire introduced self-explanatory double battles diamond and pearl was the first in the series to allow for online multiplayer black and white took things. A few steps further than Ruby and Sapphire by introducing triple battles and rotation battles and finally black and white 2 were basically more of the original black and white.

Pokemon-[2020]The Complete journey{Exclusive}

Albeit with some fun new side games, all eight of these game received very positive review scores and where some of the highest selling games

Pokemon-[2020]The Complete journey{Exclusive}

on their respective platform and in addition to these four pairs of sequels 2000, also saw a nearly equal number of remake you see in 2004 following the release of Ruby and Sapphire.

Pokemon Firered & Leafgreen

Game freak used the engine behind those games to create new enhanced versions of the original Pokmon Red and Green these remakes were known as FireRed and leaf green. And while not selling quite as well as original titles that preceded it they did set a trend that others Pokemon games would soon follow.

Over the next several years the world saw the director’s cut the releases of both Ruby and sapphire and diamond and pearl known as Pokemon Emerald and Platinum.

Pokemon HeartGold & Soulsilver

Pokemon-[2020]The Complete journey{Exclusive}

Respectively then, later on, March 14, 2010, Game freaking Nintendo released Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver which were as the names imply Nintendo DS remakes of gold and silver and that brings up to the current generation in late 2013. when history repeats itself yet again with the release of X and Y for the Nintendos 3 DS.

Pokemon-[2020]The Complete journey{Exclusive}

Seeing the first game in the series for Nintendos stereoscopic handheld Pokmon X and Y were also the first game in the franchise to boastfully polygonal 3D graphics as opposed to the 2D Birds-eye view of all 21 of its Predecessors and on top of this game also boasted a wealth of New Pokemon as is tradition as well as a new mechanic known Mega evolution.

Which differs from Standard evolution by being temporary it’s sort of like Digimon.

If Digimon was still you know relevance but anyway as always X and Y were met with you and versatile critical acclaim and are currently the best selling three games of all time.

Pokemon-[2020]The Complete journey{Exclusive}

And just as they did on GBA and ES before its game freak took the basis of x and y and used that the foundation for yet another remake.

This time of Ruby and Sapphire released for Nintendo 3DS on November 21st 2014.

Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire completely revamped their source material with fully 3D graphics

Pokemon-[2020]The Complete journey{Exclusive}

and multiple gameplay mechanics implemented from X and Y including Mega evolution and just like that 23 freaking games before them.

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire received very positive reviews and sold extremely well.

Now for the time being XY Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are the most recent games in the core Pokmon series.

However much like Nintendos other juggernaut franchise Super Mario,

Pokemon-[2020]The Complete journey{Exclusive}

there have been a seemingly countless number of Pokemon spin-off games released ever since the series began.

The most notable of which being Pokemon Stadium and coliseum which attempted to bring the RPG formula into the 3D home console market as well as Pokemon snap and On Rails photography game.

mystery dungeon a dungeon-crawling action RPG series and most recently the upcoming fighting game.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon-[2020]The Complete journey{Exclusive}

Pokemon tournament and Augmented reality mobile game named Pokemon Go and the 3DS titled detective [Pikachu].

Pokemon-[2020]The Complete journey{Exclusive}

The craziest thing is that all of these games only scratch the surface of what has become the Pokemon Empire. This one franchise boasts 25 main series game mountains of spin-off games the 19th season anime teen films.

It’s becoming a worldwide phenomenon pretty much overnight and perhaps the most impressive thing is that today 20 years since the start of the franchise is Steel just as big as ever.

Pokemon-[2020]The Complete journey{Exclusive}

After two whole decades, the unbridled popularity of this RPG Series has stood strong arguably without a single misstep.

But really what else can you expect from a series that has inspired such wide-eyed Wonder and Nostalgia in both the young and old for a generation.

Pokemon knew exactly what it wanted to be when it started in 1996 and since then it has only got in bigger better and more adventurous.

Pokemon-[2020]The Complete journey{Exclusive}

while remaining true to that foundation laid 20 years prior and with so many more new and exciting experiences already on the way.

Watch this Video! Pokemon Go[Legendry]

It is clear that their series will continue to entertain and inspire for generations to come.

Who is the first pokemon?

In the series Rhydon was the first pokemon.On the other hand,Balbasaur was the first Pokedex.

Which one is the strongest pokemon?

Dr.Fuji Created the Strongest Pokemon,The Mewtwo.

How many pokemon are there?

There are total 807.

Who is the coolest pokemon?

Swampert is the coolest and few others also.


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