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PARTYCITY-[2020]Rise And Fall, and Rise Again? Amazing Story…




Are you know about Partycity?


To start a party we do we need. We need drinks and snacks of course maybe some music maybe some flashing lights, a bunch of parties themed nonsense napkins that say Happy Birthday and party hats balloons confetti…etc.


But do you know, where to buy all those materials?

Where do you buy all of its because there are not that many options, Sure you can go to Walmart

PARTYCITY-[2020]Rise And Fall, and Rise Again? Amazing Story...

or some other local store and see what they have to offer but it will be limited if you want to do it right you go to PartyCity?

Because well nobody has more party for less.

PARTYCITY-[2020]Rise And Fall, and Rise Again? Amazing Story...

Right now they are by far the largest chain of these speciality stores go ahead try to think of another one. I guarantee anything else you can think of is either significantly smaller or out of business completely.

In 1986 there was a man named Steve Mandell

PARTYCITY-[2020]Rise And Fall, and Rise Again? Amazing Story...

and he spent the last 14 years of his life as the President of a firm that others would hire to sell their products. Some of those products where these party supplies. I was talking about he saw that there was no major competition in that industry.

Like I said the local stores would have a section dedicated to it but it was not their speciality and any store where it was their speciality was a small independent store.

Steve gathered together $125,000 and opened a fairly small location in New Jersey he called that store Partycity and that was the start of it.

PARTYCITY-[2020]Rise And Fall, and Rise Again? Amazing Story...

Now very early on it become apparent that Halloween going to be a big part of their business so much.

So that Steve decided to dedicate a quarter of the store, just to and he would stock Halloween products all year round.

PARTYCITY-[2020]Rise And Fall, and Rise Again? Amazing Story...

It looked like he was right about there being a demand for stores like this because it was successful from the very beginning after a couple of years.

PARTYCITY-[2020]Rise And Fall, and Rise Again? Amazing Story...

He started franchising location and opening more of his own large emphasis on franchising help the chain grow 258 locations by 1993.

PARTYCITY-[2020]Rise And Fall, and Rise Again? Amazing Story...

At that point, he started taking it easy on the franchising a bit and put more of an emphasis on company-owned stores but either way, after only 10 years of business in 1995 that they had 148 location that generated over 23 million in sales and over 1 million in income this is some crazy expansion.

PARTYCITY-[2020]Rise And Fall, and Rise Again? Amazing Story...

There’s evidence that shows that children’s party along with parties, in general, Were becoming more popular over this time which would expand the market for their products which is always good but it was really good because there was very limited competition in that expanding market.

Early in the next year, they become a public company when they sold 1.7 million shares for $10 each.

PARTYCITY-[2020]Rise And Fall, and Rise Again? Amazing Story...

That, they use used the proceeds to help fund the opening of an additional 52 locations that year their revenue had reached 48.5 million dollars with 3.76 million in profit.

In 1997 it’s a similar story just let me give you a few more numbers the opening of 75 more stores helped raise their revenue to $141.7 million and their profits were now 7.7 million.

PARTYCITY-[2020]Rise And Fall, and Rise Again? Amazing Story...

Steve Mandell was still in charge and at this point, he said that their plan was to Soon grow to 1000 possibly 1500 locations in the near future remember when they first sold their stock to the public the price was $10 a share.

In early 1998 it was up to $34 that where things took a turn within about a year that stock price was down to $3 and they were considered to be on the brink of bankruptcy.

PARTYCITY-[2020]Rise And Fall, and Rise Again? Amazing Story...

So, what do you think happened?

An obvious answer is that expanding too quickly, I mean this is some aggressive expansion.

PARTYCITY-[2020]Rise And Fall, and Rise Again? Amazing Story...

But how would that be harmful they jumped headfirst into an industry that was mostly and untapped and arguably expanding you might guess that a competitor Caught on to their success and started challenging them well who was that competitor as I said, in the beginning, they still don’t have much competition 20 years later through all of these their sales were growing due to more locations opening but also their sales at the existing locations were generally increasing as well they were pulling in more profits than ever before.

PARTYCITY-[2020]Rise And Fall, and Rise Again? Amazing Story...

So, why would expanding like this be harmful now admittedly there were some issues meeting earning expectations which are never good when it comes to stockPrice. But their real issue was internal more than anything else they had expanded so quickly that they failed to have proper systems in place to track their inventory.

PARTYCITY-[2020]Rise And Fall, and Rise Again? Amazing Story...

Which I know doesn’t sound nearly as bad as it actually was.

Here’s how the stock market work you are free to buy all these stocks but how do you know which one is going to go up well you don’t but how do you make an educated guess you generally look at the reports that they release the 10 Q’s in the 10 K’s

PARTYCITY-[2020]Rise And Fall, and Rise Again? Amazing Story...

Those have all the information you need to know about. How they are doing the company puts them together the auditors come in and do their best to assure.

That it’s all accurate and then the potential investors can use them to decide whether or not they want to invest these reports include their income statement and balance sheet and everything else.

One of the items on the balance sheet is inventory the company needs to have a handle on their inventories.

So, they can report it on the balance sheet and then the auditors can come in and make sure. It’s right and the potential investors can use it to help determine the state of the company. Since the Partycity did not know what their inventory numbers were the whole system fell apart and they had to delay the release of the report by a few months. When a report is delayed by months it’s detrimental to that stock. The investors get very nervous because they have nothing to review and determine the state of the company.

Plus just the fact that it’s delayed must mean something up in addition to that debt Covenants. When a company takes on debt the people lending it to them off have conditions that have to be met may be part of the agreement will say that they have to maintain a certain level of profitability are the current ratio has to be in a certain range.

When Partycity failed to release their statements they broke these agreements there was no telling if they actually met these conditions or not. Plus once they did file their reports they were so adversely affected by all of these they failed to meet some of the requirement anyway.

To support everything I just said here a few statements from the late report that they failed in July 1999. The company was unable to issue audited financial statements for the year ended December 31st 1998 in a timely file. It’s 1998 annual report on form 10-k with the SEC primarily because of the difficulties associated with taking the year and physical inventories and the related reconciliation process.

PARTYCITY-[2020]Rise And Fall, and Rise Again? Amazing Story...

Then skip ahead of the sentence as a result of failure to file the form 10-k by March 31st 1999. The company was in default of Nasdaq’s continued listing requirements trading in the company stock was halted on May 6th 1999 and the company was delisted on July 20th, 1999.

That’s a word you don’t want to see delisted and then the second paragraph says that they changed their fiscal year as a result of all of this. This was clearly very bad for them as a result of the financing agreements.

PARTYCITY-[2020]Rise And Fall, and Rise Again? Amazing Story...

The 2nd paragraph the companies failures to issue is consolidated financial statements on a timely basis is a default under the credit agreement in addition to this default the company did not meet certain of its financial covenants including those related to minimum levels of profitability net-worth liquidity fixed charge coverage and others consequently the company’s debt was subject to acceleration it goes on from there.

It’s amazing how affected there were by this inventory Incident and then there were also class-action lawsuit being filed that claimed that some previous information in these reports was either false or misrepresented in addition to accusations. That some insiders sold their stock just before the delay was announced and the stock plummeted these were bad times they were in trouble with the SEC the exchanges the investors the creditors and had very little money remaining to operate their business.

Let me tell you to what brought it back because it was three major things

  1. They got rid of Steve Mandal he was the Chairman and CEO through all of this. It’s unclear how much was his fault but he was in charge when it happened so letting go of confidence.
  2. They raised almost 10 million dollars by selling a bunch of company-owned stores to franchisees.
  3. It’s probably the biggest Michael Tenenbaum he’s an investor that arranged this huge deal that provided the company with 37 million dollars through both the sale of stock warrants and loan from there the company was able to get back on track. They returned to the stock market started tracking their inventory properly and filing their reports on time and today are bigger than ever.
PARTYCITY-[2020]Rise And Fall, and Rise Again? Amazing Story...

I will give you a brief overview of their continued expansion when they were going through all those Troubles they were hanging around below 400 locations by 2005 they were over 500 and they were taken off the market when they were bought by some private equity firms.

PARTYCITY-[2020]Rise And Fall, and Rise Again? Amazing Story...

This is when they were joined with other companies that help strengthen their business, as a result, today they are very vertically integrated meaning most of the products that they sell in their stores are made and brought to them,

Today, they currently have almost 900 locations there are mostly in New York and California or somewhere in the Midwest but they’re everywhere they have locations in 46 states and even some in other countries.

All other retailers Christmas is there busiest season but not for party city 20% of all domestic sales are Halloween related and they own Halloween City.

PARTYCITY-[2020]Rise And Fall, and Rise Again? Amazing Story...
Source all: Company Man

It’s one of the those Halloween stores that pop up in abandoned building every year in 2017 there were 272 of them across the United States.

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It’s amazing how impactful something like failing to keep track of inventory can actually be like I said it was not the entire cause of their issues but it was a big part of it and any other thoughts you have about any of it. Please leave them in the comments I would like to see what you have to say…

Is Partycity going out of bussiness?


New jersey, based party supplies company[PartyCity] announce its closing 45 stores this year. In Usa and Canada only there are 870 PartyCity stores.The Ceo says they typically close 10 or 15 stores annually.They are closing the higher numbers they should focus on most profitable locations.

How much does it cost to get ballons filled with helium at Partycity?

It cost around $1.19 to $15.99 to filled mayer ballons.

Does Partycity rent helium tanks?

Its not mention on their website for renting helium tanks or not.But you can buy helium tanks from partycity.They offers both small and large helium tanks.

Can you brings ballons to partycity to infilate?

Yes,You can but partycity fill latex and mayer ballons.You can buy ballons from nearest partycity store or on their website.

How much does it cost to fill 100 ballons with helium?

It costs around $35 to $190 with a large helium tank to fill 100 to 500 latex ballons.


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