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ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL




ESPN is the network for sports you might be able to argue this statement based on some of their more recent content but they’re built on the concept of being all sports all the time. There’s also NBC Sports, Fox Sports and some others but,


ESPN was the first and they’re the biggest and to be honest none of these others

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

can even provide much competition they began in 1979 in aired the first episode of Sports Centre and have quickly grown from there.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

They started airing the NFL Draft other Sporting events came out with ESPN radio an entire second channel Called ESPN 2.Today there’s ESPN 3, ESPN News, ESPNU, ESPN Classic, ESPN Deportees they’ve have grown pretty big.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

But in the last few years, they’ve had some trouble views have been shakey’s.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

Subscriptions have gone down.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

There have been fired a large number of employees.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

They’ve been heavily criticized and not just by the President people generally seem to dislike them more than ever before.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

So let’s try to figure out the reason behind all of these remember 5 to 10 years ago. When you miss the big game and you wanted to know the score or maybe you just wanted to see how all the games went at the end of the night. One if anything big happened my go-to place was ESPN.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

And I would turn it on and watch that little scroll at the bottom of the screen to learn about what happened that night sometimes. It said something like Kobe Bryant scores 55 points or the Red Sox game went to 14 innings.

When I saw that I kept the channel on because I expected them to talk about it. It was probably coming up on that list of topics they would put on the side but I don’t do this anymore. I would hope nobody does this because it’s not a good way to get sports scores.

I recommended downloading the league’s app or go to their website.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

All the scores you need will be right there and if you see something interesting more details about it are usually just a click away. If you don’t want to do that just go to Google and type in the score you are looking for

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

Or ask Siri, At all times I am 10 seconds away from knowing the score to any game on earth and 15 seconds away from seeing all the details.

Most of the people turning on ESPN to simply learn the scores and See some highlights are gone and that was really easy way to attract viewers just showing box scores and a few clips from the game that’s a minimal effort right there. Today they are required to offer something a little more.

They have to interpret the facts to give opinions make predictions they can no longer just say the Red Sox won in 14 innings they have to theorize why they won. what they did better than the other team if they think the coaches made the right decision who on the team needs to step up next time what this win means for their playoff chances.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

If they have a shot at the title this year and it would interpersonal delivering all this is respected and funny and Charismatic not to say they weren’t doing all this before.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

But now it’s essential because they are fighting to attract these viewers simply put day-to-day sports coverage as much more competition than ever before. People use to go to ESPN for it now they are just going to the internet for it and when did this transition happen.

For me right around 2011 but for some people.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

It was well before that during the years ESPN was still on the rise all of these contribute to that following number but there’s a much bigger reason behind it fewer people are paying for cable ESPN subscriptions go down because over all cable and satellite subscription have gone down the once to blame for this are Netflix and YouTube and anywhere else people are getting their entertainment.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

For entertainment platforms, the general model involves generating revenue from either subscription or advertisements think of YouTube you watch ads on here all the time that’s how YouTube makes money but they also make money through their YouTube red subscription.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

If you pay for it you won’t see the ads. ESPN generates money exact same way. They make money from that commercial they run and from their subscription fees and when I say subscription fee I am talking about the money you pay on your cable bill.

See ESPN is the most expensive basic cable channel out there. If you have ESPN you are paying over $7 a month for it and that’s whether you watch it or not. If you have all those other ESPN channels you are paid over $9 a month for it.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

Most other cable channels cost like a dollar or to. So if you don’t watch ESPN you may want to talk to your cable provider and try to find a package without ESPN. It’ll probably save you money and that’s what people have done they’ve either caught on to the high price of the network and switched to something else or gotten rid of their cable package altogether.

This is the biggest and most directories and their subscriptions have been going down but this is a much bigger issue for ESPN that it may seem all the ads they run meaning on their network on the Internet and magazines combined for about a 3rd of their revenue.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

The other two-thirds come from subscription meaning they are relying heavily on these subscriptions. Every time someone cancels there cable or switches to a package without ESPN.

They lose $7 to $9 every month going back to their subscriptions graph over the past six years they’ve gone by 13 million subscriptions.

I think you can start to see how this would cause their revenue to go down by hundreds of millions of dollars but you may be shocked to learn that their revenue has not been going down. Let I tell you how in 2011 they had a hundred million subscribers but they are only charging $4 and 69 cents per subscriber.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

Doing some quick math $4 and 69 cents per month times (*) 12 months times 100 million subscribers means they earn 5.63 billion dollars in subscription revenue in 2011.

Now let’s look at 2017 Business Insider gives the specific number of $7.21 per subscription multiply that times 12 times the 87.22 million subscribers gives us 7.55 billion in subscription revenue. So basically they have been compensating for the lost subscribers by jacking up the subscription price.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

Does this seems like a good idea to you for one they are already losing subscribers like crazy would not you think increasing the price would motivate even more people to live? If anything they should be lowering the price to try to get more people to stay and for to what kind of a business model is this anyway.

The number of subscribers is probably going to continue decreasing there’s no evidence to say otherwise and if that happens when does it end in 5 years. We’ll the people with cable be paying 12 dollars a month for ESPN.

How much will they be paying in 10 to 20 years? Eventually, is it just going to be one guy paying a billion dollars a month for his ESPN subscription? If the subscribers keep going down and the price keeps going up that’s where it’s headed a player like this is not sustainable.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

It’s like if everyone stopped going to Walmart so they decided to raise their prices to compensate for their lost customers it’s a dumb business plan.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

So why are they doing it, The answer is that they have done it they need the revenue to cover their expenses. ESPN has a lot of contracts with sports League that allow them to air their games.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

These contracts force them to pay billions of dollars each year they pay a couple of billion dollars to air college football and basketball. They pay billions to the NFL 1.4 billion paid to the NBA. 700 million for baseball the contracts for just this year add up to over 8 billion dollars.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

And we’ll do some quick math again their subscription revenue that we calculated by 7.55 billion. So, that means just to cover these contracts they’ll need all of their subscriptions revenue which remembers is only that high because they jacked up the price in addition to half a billion from their ad revenue.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

So the remainder of their ad revenue has to cover all the cost ESPN encounters. It starts to make sense why they laid off so many people they can’t cancel their contracts.

Some are already in place for years and plus if they stopped airing the sports we’re back to the first issue of struggling to deliver content that just can’t be found on the internet but in order to keep the live Sports, It’s draining their money and forcing them to raise their subscription cost.

They’re stuck in the middle of their dumb business plan of raising subscription cost when the subscription is falling quicker than ever.

I don’t have an answer for what ESPN should do I always hear talk about them expanding their online presence but if they are just streaming games online. Why would the league even bother with them they could just stream them themselves things like the NBA League pass the already doing this.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

And I am guessing that’s the way of the future for all sports League there are days of attracting viewers that just want to know the scores and highlights are mostly over.

I don’t have much faith in their sports commentating type show since again the internet is free and offer similar content at first glance. It looks like focusing more and live sports is the way to go but then when you look deeper you learn it’s killing them to do that.

To me, the best thing they have going for them is their special things like an exclusive interview with LeBron James or there 30 for 30 series.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL

But as I said those are specials you can’t base a network around them As far as their recent political direction people don’t seem to want it but I really don’t think it has much to do with this declining subscription.

The decline started way before that it may have an impact overall as far as the People’s perception of the network or their attitude toward it but has anyone watching this cancelled or changed their entire cable service because they don’t like their politics or coverage of politics probably not the impact of something like that would be much more subtle.

So to answer the question of what happened to ESPN?

You could say they got too political but that’s such a small part of it.

ESPN[2020]Full Complete News/RISE & FALL
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The real issue is that there’s just no need for it to exist any more. The scores and highlights have been replaced by websites and apps the commentating and sports talk are also being replaced by websites and apps people don’t need it.

So they are getting rid of it and that’s causing them to use strategies that are not sustainable.

The bottom line is we no longer need a network that gives us 24 hours sports and ESPN have been replaced.


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Let I know in the comments if you agree with that statement or do you think they still have something to offer that cannot be offered elsewhere.

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Can i watch ESPN for free?


Live ESPN online free,here is the Step by Step process.
1.Go to Google chrome Browser.
3.Just click and download this app.
4.Open the app.
5.There is a list of all catogery.
6.Click on search and type ESPN.
7.Click on ESPN and select any link
8.Select your video player.
9.Enjoy ESPN live free.

How much does Espn Plus cost?

Espn + cost $4.99 dollar a month or $49.99 annually.You can do a seven day free trial if you want.

Does ESPN cover Soccer?

Yes ESPN cover soccer.ESPN plus will carry hundreds of live soccer matches.The matches will include one from MLS UEFA nations league united soccer league and the english football league.

What channel is ESPN FC?

ESPN FC (soccernet) that cover soccer and broadcast on daily basis.

Is ESPN live streem free?

Yes,You can watch it on


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