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Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are…




I want to ask is Cinnabon a really good name?


I mean, of course, it’s fine but is it really good because I don’t think I fully understand it the name text the word CINNAMON and replaces the M with a B turning CINNAMON into CINNABON the cinnamon part makes perfect sense but then where does that B come from.

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

Is it supposed to be like fusing the word CINNAMON mall and bun together because they make cinnamon rolls, not Cinnamon buns and if they do qualifies buns they don’t call them buns?

It seems like that B should have some sort of meaning get past it everyone’s been to Cinnabon right or at least seen it in the mall.

They are everywhere there’s twice as many Cinnabon today as there were 10 years ago over 1500 of them spread across 50 countries

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

all over North America a good part of South America sections of Europe, Asia, Australia.

This is a shopping mall staple

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

that’s been around for decades and is growing faster now than ever before they sale over a billion of these cinnamon rolls every year and are just unlike anyone else.


The main guy here Richard Coleman in the late 9050s.

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

He attended Graduate school at the University of Washington a few years after graduation. In 1961 he took $1,000 he had saved teamed up with his uncle and together they won a contract to supply his former universities football stadium with the concession for the next 3 years.

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

He would be the guy that supplies all the hot dogs and peanuts to the fans through the rest of the 1960s. He grew this concession business by gaining new contracts from different areas and convention centres all across the country.

Restaurants Unlimited

In 1969 Coleman decided to branch out a bit by opening a restaurant called the Red Baron. He quickly separated that restaurant into its own company. Apart from the concession business and called that new company Restaurants unlimited.

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

This company become an even bigger success through the 1970s he was building multiple Chains of restaurants.

Clinker Dagger & Horatio’s

The big ones early on where the stick house called Clinker Dagger

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

and a seafood place called Horatio’s.

Both of them had a theme, Initially, they were around the Seattle area but quickly expanded all over the West Coast by the 1980s. They operating so many different types of restaurants under all of these different names.

I know you want to hear about these delicious cinnamon roll…

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

And I am over here talking about these high-end seafood restaurants. I am going to need you to stick with me because it’s all about to come together.

In 1985 when Restaurants Unlimited was up to 16 locations with various names and themes and foods collectively pulling in about 40 million dollars a year the company was looking for a bit of a side business something a little simpler that would not require too much attention because they did have 16 restaurants to worry about.

Ideally, it would be cheap to get started but have the potential for future growth if they to pursue that,

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

Their answer was CINNABON because really there is not much to eat a have small locations that are simple enough to operate especially.

Since in the beginning they only sold one thing which could also lead to pretty good margins. It’s important to highlight that they did not expect much from Cinnabon it was a simple side business that they figured good one day may be growing to 50 locations.

So, now they have their idea but an important piece of all this is having a good recipe if you only sell one thing that one thing better is pretty good to develop it.


They ask for some help from this woman who already runs a bakery in the area her name was Geralyn Brousseau but many know her bye nickname the CINNAMON.

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

Which come on try to say CINNAMON without smiling.

I also want to mention Geralyn Brousseau is also the founder of this organisation called PEACE TREES Vietnam.

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

They were to remove landmines leftover from the war. So that’s Pretty honourable.

Back to Cinnabon

Once they had their concept and the recipe and everything all set they finally opened the first-ever Cinnabon. It was in then called SEATAC mall near Seattle

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

and I will say they did not exist as one location for long that the first one went up toward the end of 1985 and by the end of 1986, there were 22 of them.

A bit of an odd think about CINNABON is they were never really a local brand usually for something like this they may be known around the Seattle area and then expand down to California and eventually to the East Coast something like that just focusing on a certain area and then once you’re comfortable there set out to conquer another area but they never really did that.

Their second location was in Las Vegas and their third one was in Chicago now I suspect the reason they look took this approach was that they never really cared about building the brand. It was more about getting some quick side money and building them wherever they Saw the higher potential for that.

But I don’t think it was hurting them too much they were connecting the dots between the location and by the early 90s, there were hundreds of them all over the country. They were able to expand so fast because well they were making tester cinnamon rolls but mainly because they were using a franchising model that’s where other people were running the stands but paying Cinnabon for the use of their name in the recipe.

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

By 1995 they were expanding beyond shopping malls and it was looking like they had a Starbucks like potential just thinking that one day there could be a Cinnabon in every Mall in airport and supermarket theme park practically anywhere.

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

As a result of Cinnabon what sort of taking over restaurants unlimited more than half of their sales where coming from Cinnabon and that was by far the most recognisable part of their business.


In 1996 after just over a decade Cinnabon was spun off into its own separate company from there they continued to grow on their own up to 363 locations until 1998.

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

When they were bought by AFC Enterprises for 64 million dollars at that time AFC Enterprises were the owners of POPEYES CHICKEN

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

and CHURCH’s CHICKEN in addition to Seattle best coffee and some other restaurants despite adding hundred of new locations

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

over the next five year, they sold it in 2004 for a third of what they bought it for…

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

In addition, they sold most of their other restaurant chains and dealt with the accounting scandal around that time. So, this is a deep subject the buyers were focused brands who steel on it today along with some other notable brands through all of these changes over the past 35 years.


CINNABON has always been growing and has always maintained a certain level of success.

Franchising model that makes it easy to expand and grow brand recognition that extremely Limited menu early on that provided high margin and the much-needed simplicity. At the time the recipe that they were sure to perfect before selling a single cinnamon roll you know to go along with the recipe specifically the cinnamon.

Key to Success

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

I have tested it and I can confirm that this is not your average CINNAMON.

Makara Cinnamon

It’s actually MAKARA CINNAMON which is their own trademarked bland that source from Indonesia having that unique test that separates them from all the other cinnamon rolls out there is important.

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

Gooey Frosting

The same thing goes for their GOOEY FROSTING and the other parts of their food. But it’s that CINNAMON that stands out for me.

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...


To go along with this their advertising I have never seen a Cinnabon commercial and that’s because Cinnabon has never had much of an advertising budget. Their most effective methods are free, they get you when they’re from the smell. We all know this you’ll be walking by minding your own business.

And then that CINNAMON smell hits your nose and you start floating toward it like a cartoon character passing by a freshly baked pie on a windowsill.

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

They know what they are doing at that’s a big reason they work so well in mall and airports. They even position their ovens in such a way to project that smell toward you and traditionally there’s been a lot of word of mouth type advertising.

I’m sure you have heard someone talk about how much they love CINNABON.

Better Call Saul

In modern time they have capitalised on that through some social media campaigns have you ever seen the show Better Call Saul.

It’s a perfect example see in the show Breaking Bad the character Saul good man had this throwaway line.

Where he specifically mentioned CINNABON.

So then that Cinnabon Twitter account responded with this funny tweet linking their Career site.

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

So then moving forward about a year and a half the show spin-off Better Call Saul premieres and then there saul working in a Cinnabon that’s all they have started all of the season premiers and all of a sudden Cinnabon has this free organically created tie-in with a large television.

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

Show it’s turned into yet another form of free advertising that’s been beneficial to the company.

The final reason behind the success that I had like to talk about is licensing and brand partnership. I am talking about these consumer products. That you see at the stores and at the restaurants and they have really stepped up their game.

Cinnabon Products

It’s now hundreds of millions of dollars worth you must have seen this before it they’ve worked out deals with Pillsbury to use that’s CINNABON flavour and their cinnamon rolls and toaster strudel Keurig.

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

To create CINNABON Bakery inspired coffee Airwick if you can believe that. So, now you can have that lovely Cinnabon scent in your home.

There’s been a Vodka and a lip balm in 80 other Cinnabon branded products. what about the Mini bun from Burger King or the Cinnabon delights from Taco Bell they are working with so many other companies and it’s all bringing in revenue while further building the brand.

So why is Cinnabon successful they have taken advantage of the franchising model that’s complemented by the simplicity of the business?

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

They have multiples means of cheap yet effective advertising things like that delicious scent going through the shopping malls and being featured on Better Call Saul.


On top of that, they have all these partnerships with major food brands, I’d say that’s a pretty good recipe for success.

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

We all know that the Cinnabon Classic role is not health food, in fact, everyone loves to point out how ridiculously unhealthy it is.

Cinnabon Nutrition facts

Cinnabons-[2020]How Big They Are...

Let me know in the comments what do you think of Cinnabon or any other thoughts you have about Cinnabon leave them in the comments as well.

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