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AMERICAN AIRLINES-[2020]Make Your Journey Memorable



american airlines

American Airlines was formed in 1926(on 15th April) about 93 years ago following with the merger of 82 airlines. The airline was initially named American Airways Inc(In 1960). American Airlines Group is the parent corporations of American Lines. Their main offices are based in the United States, Fort worth and texas. American Airlines initiate the SABRE (Semi-automated Business Research Environment).SABRE was the world’s first electronic Booking system.


In 1973, The American Airlines hired Bonnie Tiburzi Caputo. She became the Primary female pilot for a commercialized airline.

AMERICAN AIRLINES-[2020]Make Your Journey Memorable

Follow these steps to book a ticket of American airlines

AMERICAN AIRLINES-[2020]Make Your Journey Memorable

American Airline Flight Status

So, if you want to check your flight ticket status here you can check on the Official website of Americanairlinesairlines:

If you face any problem regarding checking flight status …

In this video, you can see step by step process to check American airline flight status…in just 2-minute.

Watch this Video:

American Airlines Check-in

We will show a step-by-step process of how to check-in online at the aa.com website for an upcoming flight.

If you have any further questions, please visit the American Airlines official website, type to enter the American Airlines’ website

AMERICAN AIRLINES-[2020]Make Your Journey Memorable

From the homepage click on my trips/check-in

AMERICAN AIRLINES-[2020]Make Your Journey Memorable

In the required fields enter your first name, last name and record locator which is your six-digit letter numerical number click on find your trip to locate your reservation.

AMERICAN AIRLINES-[2020]Make Your Journey Memorable

If all information is correct you’ll be able to pull out your reservation.

Verify that all information is correct it is important to verify the information on your reservation before you proceed further with your check-in process.

First, check the departing and arrival destinations cities after that check the date on which the flight occurs and last check the departure and arrival times.

It is wise to set travel alerts for each flight in case of delays gate changes and the like.

American airlines give you such option which is now standard for most major and low-cost airlines. click on get alerts to us flight is a note that you have to set up alerts for each leg of the flight. You clean up alerts for each departing and returning flight separately in the open dialogue box choose the type of alerts. gives you two options departure reminder and arrival updates Choose how do you want to receive dealer the attacks through the email you can set up both email and text if you wish to do so,

we recommended text as it is the fastest way it also not dependent on the internet connection to read emails.

Follow the menu prompts and click save when done click close on the next screen to repeat the same procedure for your returning alerts is completed.

Let us took a look at what other options we have we can check in if our flight is less than 24 hours before departure we can change our trip means change our flight be aware that based on restrictions that apply to your tickets fees may apply for changing flights same-day flight change applies to flight changes on the day of the travel and then cancel the trip.


Last but not least and probably most important during check-in is change seats an option that allows to reserve seats prior to the flight note some airlines now charge a fee for reserving a seat you can also change or choose seats by going down to your departing and returning flights.

The tabs separating each leg of the flight to choose seat seats are also for sale at different prices depending on the cabin class the selected seat is represented by a cover circle. If you hover over the seat you can find more info about it we did not change our seats as we satisfied with.

If click on other seats you have the pay the reservation fee indicated for that seat, now we are ready to check-in click on check-in preview the hazardous materials policy and click continue.

Now, we are ready to print the boarding pass or have it delivered electronically to an email address or in a text message it is always wise to have a printed hard copy of your passes.

while you travel along with the electronic version remember electronics sometimes fail so having your hard copy will save you a lot of trouble at check-in you can now go back and choose to have them printed notice the printed with no ads option.

American Airlines Customer service

Dial American airlines phone number for,

AMERICAN AIRLINES-[2020]Make Your Journey Memorable

Flight status information, Flight ticket upgrading, Baggage, American airline security information, Change and refund ticket issue, Vacation packages and seasonal & Best offers Group booking children and senior citizen policy.

American airlines reservations

Benefits with American airlines reservations.

AMERICAN AIRLINES-[2020]Make Your Journey Memorable

Why choose American Airlines…

AMERICAN AIRLINES-[2020]Make Your Journey Memorable
AMERICAN AIRLINES-[2020]Make Your Journey Memorable

American Airlines Reservations Phone Number…

AMERICAN AIRLINES-[2020]Make Your Journey Memorable

You can also check on American Airlines Reservations website.

AMERICAN AIRLINES-[2020]Make Your Journey Memorable

American Airlines Phone Number

AMERICAN AIRLINES-[2020]Make Your Journey Memorable

What are the Cheapest day to fly on American Airlines?

Tuesday,Wednesday,and Thursday are the cheapest day to fly on american airlines.

Does American Airline charge for bags?

Yes,American Airlines Charges for baggages,According to reuters,American Airlines will raise domestic U.S baggage fees by $5.The airline joins major rivals within the price hikes and better fuel costs.American says it will hike the price of a first check bag by $5 to $30 and a second to $40.

How many days before a flight is that the best price?

54 days before takeoff is on average when flights within the continental. U.S are at their absolute lowest price and if you don’t hit 54 days on the top.You should usually book between 105 to 21 days before your trip for the lowest possible prices.

Which airline is the cheapest?

Air Asia & some others like Ryan Air is the cheapest airline.

How do i find cheap flights?

Here u can see a step by step process to how to cheap flights.Just click here.

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